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Which Are the 18 Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android in 2022?

by Prasenjit
Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android in 2022

Lockdown has structured our lives differently, changing our way of socializing, working, etc. There are many advantages of wifi, and that’s why more and more people are adapting it. You can access information from any convenient location within the network environment. It gives faster speed than a mobile network. Downloading and uploading speed delivered by Wi-Fi is much faster than the mobile network. The cost of the Wi-Fi plan is also lesser than the mobile data plan. There is no data limit that you can use in Wi-Fi, whereas cellular companies give limited data.


So the next common question that comes to your mind is, how many types of Wi-fi securities are there??


The first thing that comes to mind of many of you is,” if many users can use wi-fi at the same time, then anyone can use their wi-fi.” So you don’t have to worry about that because there are mainly three types of wi-fi security that can protect your wi-fi from unwanted access. Here are three main types of wi-fi securities:


●   Wired Equivalent Privacy

It was developed and approved by wi-fi security standards in 1999. It was supposed to offer you the same security level as wired networks, but later on, people realized that WEP keys are easy to crack, leaving your network open to hackers.


● Wi-Fi Protected Access

This protocol became available in 2003. It is more secure than WEP. But sometimes the same problem happens with this. Hackers could easily hack the key. So its advanced version is introduced in the market.


● Wi-Fi protected setup


It was designed for people who know Little about wireless networks to make it easy for devices to join a wireless security network.


I am talking about WiFi hacking apps, so the question that comes to your mind is,

“Which are the best WiFi hacking apps?”


Here is a list of the best WiFi hacking apps for android:


  • Kali Linux NetHunter

To install Kali Linux nethunter, you have to install some other tools first, like nethunter store termux. You can download the nethunter store from your browser and then install it on your mobile, but for this, you have to activate some unknown sources. You will get many applications on nethunter that are not available in the play store.


  • zANTI

It is a security analysis toolkit. It will let you know who is connected to your network and what is unsafe on your network. If you connect zANTI to a network, it will give you the details of the connected devices. It enables you to monitor insecure data and send you security reports. To download it, first of all, you have to go to your browser, then download the zANTI file and then install it on your mobile.


  • Arcai.com’s NetCut

Here I will tell you how you can block someone from using your wi-fi. To do this, you have to download NetCut on your rooted device. This hacking app is available on the play store; you can download it from there. The options that are displayed in the app are the report option which shows you how many devices are connected to your wi-fi, and jail options show you the blocked devices. You can disconnect any device from the cut option.


  • WiFi WPS WPA Tester

 If you wanna test vulnerabilities to your wi-fi, you can use this application. It allows you to see the passwords of wi-fi that you have connected your device to. For checking the accessibility of your WiFi, you can visit the play store and download it from there.


  • Fing – Network Tools

You can download this wi-fi hacking app from the play store. Some of its features are: it lets you know how many devices are connected to your wi-fi, the company of the devices, and whether you shared your password to that device or not.


  • WiFi Analyzer

Like other apps, this app is also for finding out how many devices are connected to your wi-fi.

Difference between other apps and wi-fi analyzers:

It checks data and makes a graph according to the location and speed of wi-fi, whereas other apps don’t do that.


  • WiFi Inspector

This is another one of the best apps used for hacking WiFi, and it shows you how many wi-fi routers are available to you to connect to. In this, you can know about all the other wi-fi available to you in white circles, and a dot represents the wi-fi to which you are connected.


  • WiFi Warden

You can download WiFi warden from the play store, and after downloading it, you can check vulnerabilities in your WiFi. It will show you the status of the wireless network, like who is using the network, encryption, etc. And then, if you wanna change security, you can do it from there. You can change the password of your WiFi if you find any vulnerabilities.


  • Router Keygen

You can visit the play store to download this app; it is available there. This app identifies the wi-fi routers of nearby areas.


  • Wifi password

Downloading of this app can be done through the play store. When you open the app, three options will appear on the display screen: WiFi security, WiFi connect, and discovery.


  • Aircrack-ng

It is one of the most reliable apps for wi-fi hacking. Aircrack-ng is not on the play store, so you can watch tutorials about downloading and using this app.

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  • NMAP

It is a footprinting tool. This tool is the base for ethical hacking as many hackers prefer to use this tool. You can use this tool to detect weak points of your WiFi. The primary use of this tool is security auditing. But to download this, firstly you have to download termux, and through that, you can download this.


  • WiFi Kill

Since it is not available on the play store, you have to install it from other sources This app is just like NetCut It has kill and unkill options; you can kill the unwanted sources and unkill them if you don’t have any problem with the sources using your wifi.


  • WPS Connect

This WiFi hacking app is another one that helps in checking the accessibility of your WiFi. It allows you to connect to a pin feature wireless network. You can install this hacking app from the play store.


  • Arpspoof 

Arpspoof is one of the best wifi hacking apps. Arp is a network protocol. You can’t find this app on the play store, so to download this, you have to visit your browser and then only you can download this app.


  • Network spoofer

You can’t find this hacking app on the play store because this is not available there; you have to download it from your browser. This app lets you change websites on other people’s devices, another famous WiFi hacking tool.


  • WIBR+

Furthermore, WIBR+ has been created to analyse the security of your WiFi network. It uses dictionary and brute force methods for this purpose. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


  • dSploit

Apps like this were developed to find vulnerabilities in your system. You can download it from your browser and can easily use this app. This app offers you many features.


These are the 18 best wifi hacking apps that you can use for checking your wi-fi security. These apps are not available on the play store; you have to visit your browser to download some of them. I have mentioned the details from where you can download the apps.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


Q.1: Is wifi hacking illegal?

Ans: Using anything without the owner’s permission is illegal in India doesn’t matter what you are using. So WiFi hacking is illegal in India, and it is an offense under the 65 of the Information technology Act.


Q.2: Does WiFi Hacker really work?

Ans: Yes, it does. The Wi-Fi with high security is not hackable, so you can’t hack that WiFi.


Q.3: Is it possible to get Free WiFi?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to get WiFi without any cost. You can go to places like railway stations that offer free WiFi facilities. The other option is that you can ask the owner of the WiFi. If they allow you to use their WiFi for free, you can use it.


Q.4: Do I Need a Rooted Android Phone to Use WiFi Hacking Apps?

Ans: To do basic security analysis, you can do it without an android phone, but you need high-level security analysis. Many apps provide features that you can only use if you have rooted WiFi.

Q.5: How can I see Saved WiFi Password on my Android Mobile?

Ans: To see the saved password, you must have an android phone. The apps that I already mentioned above will help you to see the saved password of your WiFi.

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