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Discover 40+ Secret Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

by Prasenjit

There are several messaging apps available, but WhatsApp holds a unique position. It is widely used worldwide, and its interface is simple and easy to use. Apart from all the simplicity, WhatsApp has many features and tricks. These tricks are very rare and unknown. Here in this article, we have covered all significant tips and tricks. By following some easy steps, you can easily use these tricks. These tricks help you convince your chats and take you a step ahead of other users.


Format text in italics, bold, strikethrough, and underlined


Normal messages in WhatsApp chat look ordinary. So here we will tell you how to make your text extraordinary. You can make your text italic, bold, strikethrough, or underline, and you can follow these easy steps to highlight your texts.


Bold:- To bold your text, you have to put an asterisk (*) before and after the text.


Ex:- *Hello* it looks like as hello


Italic text:- To make your text italic, you have to put an underscore before and after the text.


Ex:- _Hello_ it looks like Hello


Strikethrough:- to edit your text as strikethrough, add ride ~ before and after the text.


Ex:- ~Hello~ results will be strikethrough.


Directly control WhatsApp from your PC


WhatsApp doesn’t have any apps for computers or laptops. If you want to use your WhatsApp on a PC, you have to follow these steps to use it on a PC.


The steps are:-


● Open your WhatsApp


● Click on the three lines available on the upper right side of the app.


● Click on-link devices.


● A QR code scanner will appear on your screen.


● On your PC, visit web.whatsapp.com and now scan it with your phone.


That’s all; now, you can seamlessly use your WhatsApp on your laptop or computer. You can use this step to use your WhatsApp on your PC.


Send one message to all contacts at once


If you want to send a message to many people, this trick helps you a lot. WhatsApp allows its user to send a message to multiple users simultaneously, and it’s called a broadcast message. 


Steps to follow:-


● Open WhatsApp on your phone.


● Click on the three lines available on the upper right side of the app.


● Just click on the new broadcast.


● Select your contact and at last click on the tickmark.


● Now send your messages in this chat, and then everyone will receive them. (whomever you have selected)


Send a blank WhatsApp message to anyone.


It is the best trick to prank your friends. By sending blank messages, you can surprise them. For this, you have to download an app. Or you can search manually for the Blank Message for the WhatsApp application on Play Store. 

Steps to follow


● Download the app from Play Store.


● Open the app 


● Choose the desired size of the blank message.


● Now send the message, it will go blank, and you can surprise your friends.


Messages will be displayed in a bubble.


If you ever use Facebook messenger, you know that a pop-up will show when someone messages. You can get your WhatsApp messages in a bubble pop-up by downloading this app. 


Chat with anyone without saving their phone numbers.


Using this trick, you can quickly start a chat without saving. For this, you have to follow these steps.


● Open your browser 


●     Use this format https://wa.me/******


● Put your desire no in the place of an asterisk.


● Now you will land on the WhatsApp chat page.


Sign up for beta access


If you want to get the latest updates on WhatsApp earlier, then you should join WhatsApp beta. By joining WhatsApp beta, you will get all the latest updates before releasing them to everyone.  


Steps to joining WhatsApp

Just search WhatsApp on the Play Store and scroll down. You will get the option “become a beta tester”.


Just click on it. Boom, you are now a beta tester. All the latest updates from WhatsApp are now available for you. 


Make GIFs from WhatsApp and send them directly to your contacts.


Nowadays, GIFs are used by everyone. You can also use it on WhatsApp. Make funny GIFs to surprise your friends. You can use these steps for GIFs on WhatsApp.


● Open your chat on WhatsApp.


● Then open the camera on WhatsApp and record for a while.


● Now you can get the option of GIFs. 


● Send it to your friends and enjoy.


Disable the double blue tick (seen message)


Bluetick is a way that shows if someone has seen your message or not. But if you want to disable blue tick, then you can. 


You can follow these easy steps for that.


● Go to settings in your WhatsApp.


● Go to Account and then select privacy.


● In privacy, scroll down and disable the read receipt button.


Hurray, now you are safe from being blamed for not replying after seeing messages.


Tag your friend in the WhatsApp group


WhatsApp groups are always full of messages. Due to the many people in it, it’s not easy to say something to a specific person in a group. You can use tag features to tag a person. So your communication goes smoothly. 


Steps to tag:-


Just visit the group and type @, and then you will get all the people in the dropdown. Click on it.


He will now see the message, and all others in the group will also know that the message is for them.


WhatsApp Pip mode and how to use this


“Pip mode” means picture in picture mode. This feature allows the user to play a video from other sources on WhatsApp without leaving the app. This feature helps you enjoy the videos without leaving the app, and you can continue chatting while the video is playing. 


Secret WhatsApp tips and tricks you might now know about



Find who you talk to most. 


If you want to know how many messages you send to whom. Who is your favorite person? You can get all the details by just following some easy steps. 


Go to the setting and click on storage and data.


Click on manage storage.


Now you will get a broad list of all the contact details. 



Quickly review and delete items to help clear storage.


This trick helps you keep your mobile phone clean and enables you to delete unwanted messages and media.


● Click on three lines on the app.


● Now click on settings


● Choose storage and data icon.


● At last, open manage storage to get all the details.


Reply to a group message privately.


Suppose you saw a group message from someone and want to reply to it privately. It’s easy to do that by following these steps.


Press and hold the message, click on three dots, and then click on reply privately. 


Or you can press the message and slide to the right side.


Send voice notes without hand.


Voice notes are handy in WhatsApp communication, and it allows you to send your message in invoice format. An exciting trick will enable you to record your voice notes hands-free. 


Steps for hands-free voice notes


Go to your chat >click on the microphone icon and hold it > swipe up to lock. 


Now you can record your voice note without using your hand. 

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