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12 Best Telegram Channels for Books Lovers(2022)

by Prasenjit
Best Telegram Channels for Books Lovers

Nowadays books play an important role in everyone’s life. Many people love reading books, but they can’t read them because they don’t have enough money to purchase the books. Many students want to learn more and more by reading books, but they cannot buy books. This article is for those people who wanna read books for free. There are many channels on telegram which solve your problem. Here I am gonna tell you about different telegram channels where you can download pdf books for free in other languages.


Best Telegram Channels for Books


Here are the channels that help book lovers to download audiobooks and PDFs of books in different languages for free. You can download audiobooks too.


Channel Name Join Link
Books on Toast Join Link
Open Library Join Link
Books and Magazines Join Link
E-Books Join Link
Premium Ebooks Join Link
the Novels Repository Join Link
Ebooks Repository Join Link
Trader’s Inn Library Join Link
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Books on Toast

Books on toast is a telegram book channel where you will get a book series. You can download every part of the book from this channel and read it whenever you want to read it. You have to visit the channel and join it if you’re getting every book series.


Open library

Open Library is one of those telegram channels for books that will help you improve your English. This channel provides you with a pdf of many books you may be interested in, and the admin also shares a pdf of vocabulary related to Spanish words. If you are interested in learning Spanish and English, you can visit the group just by searching the group’s name.


Books and magazines

In this telegram channel for books, you will get magazines and books in Hindi and English. You can get magazines related to business and other topics related to India in this group. If you want to know about India’s things, you must join this group.



This telegram channel is for UPSC aspirants and book lovers who wanna get a pdf of books from class 6-12th. This channel shares links to books relevant for UPSC and all books you can study till class 12th. You have to join this group to get the benefit of free books.


Premium ebooks

This is another telegram channel for book lovers. Admin of this group provides books for free, and you can download the pdf if you want to get this kind of book for free. You can get various books that will help you better grip multiple topics.

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The novels repository

Millions of people love reading novels, but they don’t have enough money to buy them. In this telegram group, you will get a free pdf of novels that you will love to read. If you want to get a pdf of any specific novel, you can also search for it in the group, and it might be available in the group. So you can visit the group and read novels for free.


Ebooks repository

This telegram channel for books provides you with the pdf of novels written by some famous writers. There is also a link to all the information related to the story. The link includes the author’s name, the year of publication, ratings, and genre. So you can easily select novels of the genre that you love to read. There are many exciting novels you can read for free. I am also a member of this group. So I can say you will get the best novels in this group.


Trader’s inn Library

People interested in the stock market and who want to learn more about it can join this telegram group for books. Many books related to the stock market are costly, so if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on books, you can get a pdf for free in this group.


The Books thief

I must say this telegram channel for books is one of the best channels. You can join this channel and message the group about the name and author of the book, and the admin will send you the novel or book whatever you have asked for.


World of Books

Many of you love reading books but don’t have enough time to read them. Such people like you prefer audiobooks. In this telegram channel for books, you can get a pdf of best-selling books, and their audiobooks are also available here. You can download any according to your convenience.

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Kindle and amazon premium Ebooks

In this Hindi books telegram channel, you can find novels in Hindi and English. So if you are a novel lover but like to read them in Hindi, you can download the pdf from here.


Non-fiction business eBooks

This channel provides you with non-fiction ebooks to get pdf books related to business. If you are interested in reading books related to the company, you must join this group.


Telegram Channels for Book’s Lover Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the importance of free books?

Free books are pocket friendly. You don’t have to spend a single penny on books, and you have to do a single thing, And that is downloading the pdf from the channel. After that, you can enjoy reading your book.


How can I find a book on telegram?

Follow the simple steps to find a book and telegram:

  1. Open the “telegram” app.
  2. Go to the channels you have joined.
  3. Search for the name of the book by going to the search option.
  4. You will get a pdf there if it is available in the group.


What are the steps that you can follow to download the pdf form of books from these telegram channels?

  1. Visit the telegram app.
  2. Go to the channels you have joined and search for the book there.
  3. If the book is available on the channel, it will appear in searches.
  4. Tap on download after you see the pdf.


I hope this article will help you in finding the books you love. You can join the groups if you like the content and then download the pdf of eBooks for free.

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