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Best Telegram channels For UPSC/IAS: CIVIL Services Exam Preparation

by Prasenjit
Telegram channel for UPSC

First question that many people might ask is, “What is UPSC?” UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission) is one of the most reputed institutions of India. The majority of students want to clear UPSC because it gives them an excellent opportunity to serve the country and show their leadership skills. Many Indian parents want their children to clear UPSC. If you want to clear this exam, here is a list of top Telegram Channels for UPSC that you can join in preparing better.

What Are The Best UPSC Telegram Channels? Why do you need one?

Why do you need Telegram channels for UPSC preparation? Here is the answer, some students face financial issues, some don’t have reliable sources to get material from, and in some parts of the country, the girls are not even allowed to take offline coaching for UPSC. Telegram channels for UPSC solve these kinds of problems. You can rely on genuine telegram channels for material and guidance. Many of these channels provide guidance, so you can join those groups if you don’t have proper guidance. The students who are not allowed to take offline coaching can join these groups and prepare for the exam. These groups helped thousands of people in lockdown.

Top Telegram Channel Link for UPSC

Channel Name Join Link
UPSC Test Series Question Bank Join Link
UPSC Mains Answer Writing Join Link
Drishti IAS Join Link
UPSC Mains Prelims notes Join Link
NCERT Books GS CSAT Pdf Join Link
GK by Ankit Awasthi Sir Join Link
Sumit Rathi Join Link
Gradeup Join Link
NCERT Books Pdf Join Link
Current Affairs Join Link
Khan Sir India GK Join Link
History Geography Join Link
E-books Join Link
Vajiram and Ravi official Join Link
UPSC Drishti Vision IAS Byjus Join Link

It is one of the best telegram channels for UPSC. If you want to take tests and check your progress from your daily learning, you can join this channel. This channel provides MCQs ( multiple choice questions) daily. You can visit the channel and can try those MCQs. It can also be fun because many people find MCQs interesting as they’re quick and easy, so it helps with that too.

It is one of the Best UPSC Mains Answer Writing Telegram Channels. In this channel, the admin daily uploads analysis of a previous year’s question. By joining this group, you can improve your answer writing skills because UPSC Mains is one exam that demands proper answers. In this group, the admin tells about what you should write in that particular question. This group can benefit you for your Mains examination.

This telegram channel for UPSC is for those students who wanna learn more about GK. Admin of this group share MCQs of gk and some crucial things that you should know if you are taking the UPSC exam. They even provide you with a test series of almost every subject to improve your performance more and more.

In this group, the admin provides mock tests for UPSC exams. If you are done with your whole syllabus and want to give mock tests, you can join this channel. This UPSC Telegram channel can help you a lot for free, and you can take mock tests for free.

You can get short notes of all subjects from this group. When preparing for UPSC, you need quick notes of every subject for revision. Now you don’t have to waste your time making notes; you have a better option. You can join this group and study from here. This UPSC Telegram channel can help you in your final revision and save your time.

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In this UPSC telegram channel, Mr. Ankit Awasthi teaches Current affairs, polity, and geography for free. He analyses international relations and teaches that in a simple language to understand that. Studying with Mr. Ankit Awasthi makes everything interesting. 95% of the current affairs questions in the exam are taught by sir. So if you take his classes seriously, you will never be unaware of any question asked in the exam. It is one of the best telegram channels for current affairs.

It is the channel that students consider best if they prepare for geography. The way of teaching of Mr. Sumit Rathi is effortless and interactive. There are paid courses too. But he teaches on youtube for free and shares the link in the telegram channel. You can attend the class by clicking on the link. It is the best telegram channel for UPSC geography optional.

Gradeup uploads MCQs. You can visit the group and try to answer the questions, and it will help you know where you are lacking. This UPSC Telegram channel is for general knowledge.

From this UPSC telegram channel, you can download the pdf of NCERT book’s topics. You don’t have to waste your money purchasing the books. NCERT books are considered as the base of the exam. It is recommended that you read NCERT books first if you are preparing for exams. Students facing financial issues can make the best use of this opportunity.

This is another one of the best telegram channels for current affairs. Admin posts current affairs and MCQs daily so that firstly you can know what’s going on in India and the world and then revise it with the help of MCQs. Telegram groups for UPSC helps you a lot to clear the exam and get a clear idea of how to prepare for the exam.

Khan sir is one of those teachers who motivates students a lot. His videos are very informative and to the point for UPSC. If a student is thinking about preparing for the exam, I recommend watching his videos. He shares the link of his videos on telegram channel. To stay updated about his videos, you should join this telegram channel.

It is another one telegram group for UPSC. The admin posts approx 60 MCQs daily related to history and geography. MCQs are best for prelims. So for prelims you can join this group, it will help you a lot.

E-books provides you GK MCQs. You can go there and have a look at questions . You can attempt these and improve further.

In this UPSC telegram channel, the admin posts general knowledge questions in detail, and detailed questions help individuals retain the information quickly. If you want to know current affairs and general knowledge in detail you can join this one of the best telegram channels for current affairs.

This telegram UPSC channel is also for current affairs and guidance. It will help you know what kind of current affairs you should prepare for the exam.

UPSC Prelims Test Series Telegram Channel

Channel Name Join Link
Vision IAS (Official) Telegram Channel Join Link
Vajiram & Ravi Official Channel Join Link
 InsightsIAS Guidance Join Link
Shankar IAS Academy Join Link
Drishti IAS Join Link
UPSC Test Series Join Link
UPSC Test Series Join Link
UPSC Mains Test Series Join Link
Drishti IAS Videos Join Link

Telegram Channels for UPSC Notes

Channel Name Join Link
eBooks for IAS Join Link
Pdf Basket Join Link
UPSC Books Store Join Link
Notes for Civil Services Join Link

Best Telegram Channels for Current Affairs

Channel Name Join Link
The Hindu Current Affairs Join Link
प्रतियोगिता दर्पण ™ Join Link
CSE Current Affairs & Quiz Join Link
Current affairs by Bhunesh Sir Join Link

Frequently Asked Questions on the UPSC Telegram Channel

What is a Telegram channel?

It is similar to other chat groups where people can interact.

Is Telegram useful for UPSC?

Telegram is highly useful for UPSC. Through it, the candidate can get guidance, material, and everything necessary for the exam. The candidate can study through this because there are no fixed timings.

Is Unacademy useful for UPSC?

Unacademy is an online platform that gives the best opportunity at the best prices. You pay for one teacher’s classes and get unlimited access to other teacher’s classes. Teachers of unacademy are beneficial and interactive, and they effortlessly explain a complex topic so that every student can understand it.

The candidates who are serious about preparing for the exam must join these channels because these are some of the best telegram channels for UPSC.

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