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Best Telegram Channel for CAT Preparation

by Prasenjit
Telegram channels for CAT

CAT is an entrance exam that candidates take to take admission in MBA. It is a competitive exam that allows you to take admission in your dream MBA course. Thousands of students prepare for this common admission test. This is because the standard of the exam is very high, and students don’t prepare well for the exam, or I can say some of them don’t have study material to prepare for the exam. Don’t worry about the study material now, here I am gonna give a list of telegram channels for CAT that can solve all your worries.

How Can You Join Telegram Channels for CAT?

Here are the steps which will help you to join the telegram channel, so just follow these steps:

  • Go to the telegram
  • Visit the search option
  • Type the group’s name you want to search about
  • Let it search for the group
  • Click on the group
  • You will see a “join” option on your screen; tap on that.
  • You have successfully joined the telegram group.

List of Top Telegram Channels for CAT

Channel Name Join Link
CAT 2021 Prep ProTalent Join Link
Prepare For CAT Join Link
CAT Prep Join Link
Study 91 officialâ„¢ Join Link
IMS CAT Join Link
Unacademy Join Link
RODHA official channel Join Link
CAT entrance book Join Link
CAT notes Join Link
Top my Test CAT prep Join Link

Which Are the Best Cat Preparation Telegram Groups?

The exam checks the person’s ability to solve mathematical problems. Don’t worry, here are some channels which will help you to prepare well for the exam:

CAT 2021 Prep ProTalent

This telegram channel for CAT preparation provides you with all the updates related to the exam. This is an official group that provides you with links to videos beneficial for your exam.

Prepare For CAT

Prepare for CAT is a telegram group that provides you with guidance and tips for your preparation. You can ask for help from this group if you feel there is something missing in your preparation.

CAT Prep

This article provides you with various study materials both online and offline. The study material includes:

  • Current affairs
  • Quizzes
  • Pdf of study material

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Study 91 officialâ„¢

This is one of the best telegram channels for you to prepare for competitive exams. This channel provides you with the study material for the following subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Politics


This channel is for all the exams mentioned above. You can visit the channel if you have any doubts about the exams or don’t have enough study material to prepare. This channel will provide you with all these things.


IMS CAT is one of those channels that can help you prepare for CAT better. This channel provides you with the study material from some of the best coaching institutes, and you can get study material for free here.


You all are aware of the quality content that unacademy provides. I have even purchased a paid subscription because the teaching way of unacademy teachers is the best. You don’t need any subscription to get study material from this channel.

RODHA official channel

This is an official telegram channel that will help you in your preparation. If you have any doubts, you can join this channel to clear them out because it has credible sources that you can rely upon.

CAT entrance book

This CAT exam telegram group provides links to books that are beneficial for your preparation. You can get all the books that are required for the exam.

Exam Clear MBA Preparation

This CAT preparation telegram group provides you with all the study material required for the group and updates related to the exam. The study material you will get here includes current affairs, quizzes, and videos.

CAT notes

Notes help you to take a quick revision. Many people prefer making notes to use them for revision at the last moment. Now don’t worry; this channel provides you with the notes.

Top my Test CAT prep

This CAT telegram channel provides you with multiple tests and MCQs. You can attempt those tests to know about your performance and lacking sectors.

Telegram Channels for CAT Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of joining a CAT preparation telegram group?

These channels will provide you with proper guidance and study material required for the exam without any charges.

What are the rules of CAT telegram channels?

There are some basic and important rules that you have to follow:

  • You can’t use the wrong words in the group.
  • If you are posting relevant content only, you can remain a part of the group, and otherwise, you will be removed.

With the help of this article, you can decide which telegram group you want to join, and then you can prepare better.

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