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Technology and Creativity: Can they coexist?

by Prasenjit
Technology vs Creativity

In today’s article, we are going to discuss Technology vs Creativity; technology helps us in our daily work and makes it simpler. It’s available everywhere, and people can make use of it, whether as an auto-rickshaw or even a mobile. We seek out something whenever we require it. However, nowadays, we depend on the internet or other advanced technologies, and few of us are looking to design something innovative. I have talked about various possibilities of technological developments and their impact on our lives. It has affected how we think creatively. It is good to develop whether it’s developing the nation or developing technology. Everyone wants to have a tranquil life, so we create various techniques. They are, in a way, beneficial; however, there is an assumption that they are hindering our creativity in various ways.

Why Technology Is Important

  • There are a variety of techniques have been created in the last decade and are increasing each day. In some cases, it has been beneficial; however, it resulted in people becoming lazy.
  • Technology has made our job easier and, as a consequence, many people do not want to put in the hours.
  • If you’re given more than 100 possibilities that are the same, why should someone be working to find a new option?
  • In a recent report released, Google reported that people search for over 3.5 billion things every day. Imagine if there were no Google, and they would have to find a new option or develop an idea of their own to complete their work.
  • There are various technologies available, and some of them are useful to answer your questions. They can help us play games. Before the advent of video games, people would create themselves games. This indicates that technology has severely affected creativity.

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What We Can Understand By Word “Creativity”

Creativity is a brand new idea or method of thinking; your name can recognize that. For instance, was it Newton who came up with the idea to study the cause of the apple’s fall? In the same way, Wordsworth’s imaginative mind provided us with the famous character called ‘Lucy.’ It is correct to say that creativity is the key to changing and producing new ideas. It was the imaginative mind of Leonardo da Vinci that created the masterpiece of the Great Monalisa. Like the latest devices, gadgets, and technologies result from various imaginative minds. The power of creativity helps us create new products. We consider and attempt to meet our needs when we have a need. Then within this process, we come up with something fresh.

It is impossible to imagine living without technology as technology is everywhere whether you need to wash your hair or look for the best school in your children’s area. It’s everywhere; however, it is our choice to decide how much we utilize it and the best way to restrict its use. Various studies found that mobile phones aren’t recommended for children, but many children play like an electronic toys using mobile phones. You should consider these issues and create your strategies to address them issue.

Is Technology Affecting Our Creativity

    • Nowadays, when you wish to develop a plan, you can search it and replicate the idea. However, before the advent of the internet, people would think of themselves as creators and develop something unique and original.
    • Creativity is beneficial in many ways, as it assists us in solving our issues. If we are faced with a problem and require help, we turn to our creativity. The person who can solve our issue will be the inventive person. As technology has grown in popularity, instead of thinking independently, we look upon the internet and find answers quickly. Indeed, technology has dramatically influenced our thinking abilities.
    • Our technology is making us lazy, and we can’t imagine one day without technology. We’re so glued to our phones that we cannot imagine anything without them.
    • We can’t create something new quickly; it takes lots of patience, time, and more. However, there are a few people who possess the qualities mentioned above. It is easy to spend time on the phone, yet we can be idle and not do anything for an hour.
    • The idea of creativity or innovation is what we experience as we study the lives of objects, people, and things. However, nowadays, we don’t have time for our creativity. All we require is a cellphone and a reliable internet connection. Designers also draw their ideas from nature or a long-standing fashion. Today, however, we don’t have enough time to contemplate mundane things. Technology has forced us to duplicate and paste.

Technology vs Creativity Is There a Place for Both?

It was the creative mind that spawned the internet and other technological advancements. Now we’re discussing the different aspects of technology that can either enhance or degrade creativity. Every technology has advantages and disadvantages based on what we decide to do. Technology is beneficial in creating new ideas when we are planning to create something, requiring some details. For instance, the car manufacturing facility includes an engineer who takes care of the engine while an expert in color gives his vehicle the most recent and attractive colors. Therefore, the car owner must know the engine and color sections. All of this information is easily accessible via the internet. Despite the fact that traveling the world is impossible, the internet provides a way to communicate with people in other countries. You can look up whatever you’re looking for and learn about anything anywhere globally and gain new ideas. Technology can help us in a variety of ways and also stimulates us to come up with fresh ideas and concepts.

The more we know, the more capable we become of thinking, creating something new, etc. However, today’s technology provides the things currently available in the world. Also, take time to study every aspect because you must know everything about it, whether it’s the processor technology to build a wheat farm. You can find creative ideas from almost any source.

Final Words-

Our desire drives us to come up with something brand new. If a child can get everything he needs without exerting any effort, how can he learn about the significance of the latest inventions? Always encourage your child to take on tasks by himself. Please use a calculator in situations where it is needed or verify your answer. Find the answers to an entire chapter of the book first before going to the internet. These little habits can result in an immense transformation. Also, utilize technology only in a limited manner.

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