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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger

by Prasenjit
Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger

Blogger is a blog publishing website created by the Pyra labs. Google acquired it in 2003 from their parent company. Blogger is a free blogging platform that lets you write, edit, and publish for free, but it has its advantages and disadvantages

It is easy to use and can be used by anyone of any background, irrespective of technical knowledge. Its subdomain is like xyz.blogpost.com, your website name.blogspot.com

You can customize your blogs with easily available free themes and images. It is like ready to start blogging platform.

However, there are some advantages of blogger and some disadvantages of blogger. Here in this article, we have covered both things.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger

Advantages of the Blogger

  • Free SSL certificate for your blog/website

In blogger, users get the feature of SSL certificate. SSL certificate ( Secure Socket Layer) helps you to create a secure connection between users and your blogs. It’s free in blogger. It is a process of enabling HTTPS, which gives you an SSL certificate. SSL certificate helps you get more traffic, as it is a sign of a secure connection for your blogs. It helps people enter their personal and important details on a website safely if needed.

  • Free website hosting both fast and secure

If you want to purchase your domain name from a third-party registrar, you need to purchase hosting and connect it with the domain. 

Unlike in Blogger, you will get the domain along with hosting, and it has unlimited storage and fast performance. So, no need for hosting in blogger. In blogger, you get fast and secure website hosting. It is hosted on the google cloud server, so no worry about fast and secure hosting. It counts as one of the blogger advantages.

  • No issue with the uptime of the website

Uptime is a term that defines how much time your website is operational. The user can access it as a blogger is a part of Google, so you get a healthy uptime equivalent to 100% uptime. So this advantage of blogger helps you to get a healthy uptime, and uptime helps you to get reach to your audiences.

  • User-friendly interface

Blogger is easy to understand and user-friendly, and the interface is simple and usable. Blogspot or blogger provides different themes, illustrative images, illustrative writing design, an editing mode, etcetera.

So the interface becomes user-friendly and looks more attractive. Different tools and widgets are available in blogger for use, and it’s all free. 

  • Unlimited Free Storage for Your Site.

In blogger, you get free unlimited storage for your blog. It is unlimited, so you can freely upload images and media to your blogs. Unlimited storage helps you to post more blogs with high-resolution images and files. In other blogging platforms, you get limited storage options. You have to buy further storage according to your needs and budget. In blogger, it’s free and unlimited.

  • Easy to integrate Google services.

One of the advantages of Blogger is that it is powered by Google, so it is easy to use Google services. You can easily connect your Google services like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other Google services. You can use it seamlessly in blogger.

  • Faster website indexing in google.

Indexing is a process when your website/blog page is listed on google. After indexing, your page is now available to see in search results. In blogger, it’s easy to index. As blogger is a part of Google, your blog pages index fast and easily navigate in search results.

  • Easy to set up and get started.

“Creating an account and writing a post” is enough to start a blog on Blogger. It’s very simple to start writing blogs on Blogger. You don’t have to buy a domain and web hosting; all are included in blogger. This is one of the important advantages of blogger.

Disadvantages of Blogger

  •  The bad domain name and URL structure

As different websites domain names, you noticed that the domain name is like xyz.com abc.com, but in blogger, it’s like xyz.blogspot.com, Abc.blogsport.com.

It makes the domain name and URL structure so lengthy and absurd. Also, as it’s free, there are many good domain names taken, so you end up with lengthy domain names containing numbers and different letters. This is one of the disadvantages of blogs created by blogger.

  • No plugin access at all

A plugin is a very important tool in a website or blog. It is a type of software that we plugin or connect to get extra features and functions. In blogger, we don’t get the function of connecting Plug-in. P

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  • You can’t have 2 Adsense accounts.

Google won’t allow you to have more than one AdSense account in Blogger.

  • Domain redirection is not easy.

If you want to redirect your audience from your blog to your other website, it’s not easy for you. On blogger, it’s very lengthy to use redirection. Also, a slow or unusual redirection leads to flowing losses:-

  • Lose authority
  • Ranking degradation
  • Lose traffic
  • Using redirection on blogger needs knowledge of Java and HTML. That’s not known to everyone.
  • No access to FTP

FTP means ‘file transfer protocol’. It allows the user to transfer or use any file from the server. There is no option for file transfer or use of your file in blogger. Blogger won’t allow you to do the same.

  • Difficult to monetize

It is not easy to monetize your blogs on Blogger. The policy for monetization on Blogspot is to get 10,000 unique visitors a month on your blogs. This policy makes it hard to get monetization. At the beginning of your blog journey, it’s hard to get much traffic on your blogs. Also, you can’t use third-party Ads service, and you can only use Google Adsense. Also, Google AdSense payout is only 68% of AdSense rest, 32%, is taken by Google.

Furthermore, it is not easy to activate and approve AdSense in blogger.

  • Difficult to build backlinks and authority.

Backlinks are the most important thing to generate more traffic on your blogs. In blogger, it is very hard to build backlinks. Also, in Blogspot, domain authority is not so good; it makes it very hard to rank your blogs on google searches.

  • You don’t own the website completely.

When you purchase a domain, you become the owner of that address. But in blogger, this is just your Google account; you are not the real owner. One of the disadvantages of blogs is this. If you don’t follow Google policy, Google may automatically delete your account without prior notice.

  • Slow updates and bad support

Since the blogger acquisition by Google in 2003, there has not been any major update. Only a recent update in 2002. Apart from them, its competitors give frequent updates that enhance the performance of their platforms.

There is no available support in blogger. If you face any issue in your blog or any other blogger services, you can only visit the help forum that the user of the blogger runs.

  • Less customization of your theme.

If you have a blog on blogger, you can’t customize your themes as it is a prefix theme available on blogger. You can’t be able to design your home page, post page, header and footer, and you can’t be able to give a classy or professional look to your blogs. 

  • Difficulty in uploading other media files

For bloggers, it is difficult to upload various media files, as there is no suitable option for it. Uploading different media files is so much tired some work on blogger.

Blogger and it’s future

The future of blogspot is uncertain. It’s like an old model system. As it is free, it attracts more users, but in recent times, many people have now moved to its competitors like WordPress, medium and so on. The use of other alternatives is increasing day by day. Also, Google is looking dull on the future of blogger. 

Should you start a blog on blogger? 

The answer to this question is definitely yes. As a beginner, it is a very good platform. Not only it’s free, but also it provides many features to beginners. One can start their blogging on it. As it’s a part of Google, this thing made blogger a giant in the blogging industry. 

Irrespective of the disadvantages of blogger, there are many advantages of blogger. So one can go for it. For beginners, it is helpful, and if you are ok with its limited functions, you go with blogger. 

Blogger alternative

If you don’t like blogger or if its disadvantages hurt you, you can try its alternatives. There are a lot of alternatives available worldwide.

Few alternatives of blogger are as follows:- 

● Medium

● Quora

● Wix

● Weebly

● WordPress

● Livejournal

As every coin has two sides, the blogger also has two sides. There are some advantages of blogger and disadvantages too. As a beginner or, say, less expert people, it’s a very good platform to improve your blogging skills. However, it is free, so there are some limitations too, but overall it is good to use.

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